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A new patch for World of Warcraft Shadowlands is finally coming

After months of waiting, a new patch for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is finally coming. The 9.1.5 update is not a major content patch, but it does bring a number of changes, improvements and innovations. There are also numerous adjustments to the individual classes.

The devs targeted classes, items and rewards, PvP, professions, questing, and Torghast on Nov. 4, cleaning up the game as quickly and as orderly as possible.

In addition, the functionality of congregations, introduced in the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion, will be impacted as players can change them whenever they want while retaining the items acquired in previous ones. Six new dungeons will also be added to the Timewalking Rotation, either on Heroic or Mythic + difficulty during the two weeks of the event.

Here are detail:

    The following abilities have been updated to have their cooldowns reset when a raid boss encounter ends:
        Blessing of Sacrifice (Paladin)
        Die by the Sword (Arms Warrior)
        Enraged Regeneration (Fury Warrior)
    The following Covenant abilities have been updated to have their cooldowns reset when a raid boss encounter ends:
        Fleshcraft (Necrolord)
        Convoke the Spirits (Night Fae)
    Several racial abilities with cooldowns greater than two minutes have been updated to have their cooldowns reset when a raid boss encounter ends

    Fixed an issue where Shadow Blades would continue to attack the enemy after the Rogue was under crowd-control effects

Items and rewards
    Queen’s Conservatory catalysts now stack to 200 (was 20)
    The Forgotten Feather in Korthia can once again be looted
    Fixed an issue where the Gateway Control Shard could be used while under certain effects such as stun and wouldn’t break characters out of stealth

    Fixed an issue that caused Wind Waker’s (PvP talent) radius to be larger than intended, and also cleared movement impairing effects off of the Monk prior to having two stacks

    The Mark of the Midnight Runestag recipe no longer requires Revered with the Wild Hunt to learn

    “Observing Victory” now displays its turn-in location on the Oribos map
    Underbelly Lowlifes during the quest “Secrets of the Underbelly” now deal the appropriate amount of damage

Torghast, Tower of the Damned
    Power Infusion, Time Warp, Mystic Touch, and Demonic Gateway anima powers are no longer offered to characters that haven’t learned these abilities yet
    Long Tail Dynarats obtained from Chaotic Concoctions now deal the appropriate amount of damage as indicated by its tooltip and only one can be used on a target
    Fixed an issue where players with slower connections may miss out on the first floor Anima Cell. Cross realm players were more likely to notice this issue

WoW Companion app
    Fixed an issue preventing Android 12 users from installing the app

All in all, of course, these are all changes from the multitude of improvements in Patch 9.1.5. However, they have significantly improved the quality of the game and impressively show how even small adjustments can contribute to a much better playing experience.

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