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A number of new features and changes in FIFA 22 have been leaked

EA Sports had hoped to keep things under wraps until the big official reveal at EA Play in July but inevitably leaks have come from the beta version of game.

Not many days have passed since the release of the Fifa 22 Beta on the PlayStation Store database, that the Sony servers recorded an important news regarding the football-themed video game. Interesting news, but that do not completely clarify the doubts regarding the Beta version. Let's get to know in detail all the updates regarding the new edition of Fifa, for the moment only in test mode.

FIFA 22 leaks
A number of new features and changes in FIFA 22 have been leaked, which is probably why EA SPORTS canceled the closed beta. Details were leaked about gameplay, the FUT Champs Weekend League and the new 'custom tactics'. A well-known leaker shared in-game screenshots on June 23, confirming many of these leaks.

While it was initially thought that there was a problem with the FIFA 22 closed beta servers, it was later revealed that there was not. EA SPORTS had also indicated in the closed beta that it is forbidden to leak images from the game on social media.

The closed beta is now no longer playable for players who have already received a code. They received an email from EA explaining this. What that means for the rest of the beta is still uncertain: many FIFA fans are concerned that the cancellation of the closed beta will affect the rest of the beta period.

Who can play the beta?
The FIFA 22 beta is sadly not available for everyone. The closed beta is available only on the PS4, PS5 and Xbox consoles.

The selected players will be chosen from FIFA players in the US and the UK who opted in to get EA emails. These players are selected from those who have signed up for the beta.

FIFA 22 Early Access
Is it still possible to get early access to FIFA 22? The future of the beta is still uncertain, but we may find out more during the EA Play Live presentation on July 17. We expect a release date, but also more information about early access to the game. Early access is likely to start around the end of September.

All these doubts should be dispelled on the occasion of the EA Play Live, an event to be held in live streaming on July 22, 2021. In addition, this event will be preceded by other appointments related to sports titles. While waiting to arrive at these appointments, a rumor about Fifa 22 has to be recorded. According to certain rumors, in fact, the new edition of Fifa could have an online career mode.

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