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Aion Classic, the vanilla version of Aion, will be available in the West tomorrow, June 23rd

Aion Classic, the vanilla version of Aion, will be available in the West tomorrow, June 23rd. Although there is no confirmation, it seems that the servers will be American only, although they will also be accessible in Europe.

We are rolling it all the way back to 1.0, jumping into the same Atreia many players in North America and Europe saw for the first time on September 22, 2009. Well, except that many will come with their characters already thought-out and created. Yes — if you haven’t done so yet, hop on, prepare your character look, and reserve your name!

Character creation and the first week after launch are all free-to-play!

Get ready for kickoff tomorrow in Aion Classic’s most epic launch event! Starting tomorrow at server launch, all players will be able to compete with others across the globe in several challenges. The fastest player(s) to complete each challenge will unlock exclusive titles of legendary status! The challenges are below:

    • First to reach level 50
    • First Brigade General of the first Legion to capture a fortress
    • First to reach 1-Star Officer Rank
    • First to gain Slayer buff through PvP
    • First team to slay Kromede the Corrupt
    • First team to slay Brigade General Bakarma

Of course, things will go more quickly if you’ve already installed Classic and created your character, which you can do via the NCSoft client ahead of time.

As for the commercial model, the developers have stated that they do not want to introduce items that can give advantages in PvP. Like the Korean version, the Western version also features two Founder's Packs that can be purchased until 6 July. In both there are an aesthetic skin and a title that gives negligible bonuses to the statistics. What differs between the two packages is the presence of a bundle of consumable items in the $ 50 package and the Siel's Aura (the subscription) with a duration of 90 days versus the 30 days of the $ 30 package.

If this all seems as if it’s happening really fast, well, that’s because it is; NCsoft only just announced the launch in North and South America two weeks ago. Preorder packs are live, as is character creation.

Beware that things will be a little different this time than they were with 1.0 in 2009: launch servers will come with adjustments for faster leveling, so if you are an oldie you might notice that everyone is a few levels higher than you would expect! If you haven’t already, definitely check out our FAQ compilation for Aion Classic for these and some other changes made to the original 1.0.

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