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Buy Chips for Facebook 10 M USD $ 6.00 11659
Buy Chips for Facebook 20 M USD $ 9.00 11659
Buy Chips for Facebook 50 M USD $ 18.00 11659
Buy Chips for Facebook 100 M USD $ 35.00 11659
Buy Chips for Facebook 200 M USD $ 65.00 11659
Buy Chips for Facebook 300 M USD $ 85.00 11659
Buy Chips for Facebook 500 M USD $ 135.00 11659
Buy Chips for Facebook 1000 M USD $ 230.00 11659
Buy Chips for Facebook 2000 M USD $ 430.00 11659
Buy Chips for Facebook 3000 M USD $ 600.00 11659


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Pay by clicking on the package you require.


After paying click on the live support icon to pick up your chips.
Trading methods
(1) You open a new account provide to us. -- Provide us your facebook id and password . we will transfer the Chips for Facebook  as soon as posible.
(2)We can provide you a new account with amount of chips you buy . 2)you can ask your friend to help you transfer the Chips for Facebook  in to your account.

Please place your right email ,phone number ore MSN when you order. So that we could contact with you easily.
Our Advantages:

Professional: We are a  mature team of strict management system and perfect after-sale service with five years, engaged in warcraft  power-leveling service, Chips for Facebook farming and  having many  experienced staffs. We will arrange the best staff for your character with one-to-one,100%  leveling by hand and questing service to ensure the safety of your account.The gold of our website is man-made by ourself .Unlike many other website collect the gold from being hacked,and their gold is easily found,guests'accounts are easily banned!
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Fast: The  Chips for Facebook in stock,After checking the order,5-60 minutes delivery in 99% Realms!
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Buy Cheap Chips for Facebook - How , where and how much
by dojimonsterpublished 10 months ago
$1/mil Buychips.us. Buy Chips for Facebook is probably the activity that most players do when they are running out of chips. Actually, it is toatlly free to play Texas Hold'em poker on facebook, tagged, hi5...

21 comments Chips for Facebook 67Facebook Poker Cheat Reviews for getting Chips for Facebook Guide
by FacebookPokerChippublished 5 months ago
Players in facebook's texas holdem poker game sometimes try to use cheats or hacks to get free facebook poker www.wowgoldusd.com - The best place to buy CHEAP Facebook Poker Chips! If you've ever played any...

43 comments Chips for Facebook hack social network62 Chips for Facebook– CHEAPEST PRICES EVER 100%
by mychipsellerpublished 7 months ago
FACEBOOK POKER CHIPS – CHEAPEST PRICES EVER 100% FACEBOOK POKER CHIPS – MYSPACE POKER CHIPS I have researched the whole Internet for Chips for Facebook prices. There are hundreds of...

26 comments    chips poker chips million chips65Who Can Offer Me The Best free Deal?
by best-poker-chipspublished 5 months ago
Tracking down the best deals on Chips for Facebook is no easy task.  With hundreds and hundreds of websites claiming to beat their competitors, and countless con-men,  many of us could end up reaching for...

1 comment    facebook poker chips myspace poker chips60Facebook Poker Chips-From Where to buy Cheap Facebook Poker Chips
by Cheap poker chipspublished 7 months ago
Dear Buyers Now We are offering you the very lowest price you have ever seen ever while Buying Facebook Texas Holdem Poker Chips. Now a Days Facebook poker emerged as The most popular Facebook application...

1 comment    Chips for Facebook 59 www.wowgoldusd.com The Worlds Cheap Chips for Facebook
by facebook_pokerpublished 3 months ago
  www.wowgoldusd.com Texas Holdem Tips from Gus Hansen Reasons to love Facebook Texas Holdem Poker When it comes to finding reasons why people love playing Facebook Texas Holdem Poker, the sky...

0 comments    poker chips zynga facebook poker 60 Buy Cheap Facebook,Tagged,Bebo, hi5, yahoo, iphone or Myspace poker chips
by best-poker-chipspublished 5 months ago
       Cheap Chips??? - Let's Get Real About This! Right then, I don't mean to be blunt, but this is one issue that I need to get off my chest! About nine months ago, my husband became obsessed...

0 comments    facebook poker chips54Facebook Texas Holdem Poker Chips - Best And Cheapest Places To Chips for Facebook for sale
by mychipsellerpublished 8 months ago
Are you looking to buy poker chips for your facebook texas holdem poker game Here are the rates that may facinate you, if you have done quite a search on google or yahoo, you will know that there are hardly...

6 comments    myspace poker chips 67 facebook poker chip buying and selling advice
by elitechipspublished 11 months ago
Buying Facebook Poker Chips Advice After conducting a fast amount of research into this area. The best site to buy cheap facebook poker chips is www.wowgoldusd.com below are their prices and further...

3 comments Chips for Facebook - How To Buy Chips for Facebook Safetly
by poker-chipspublished 13 months ago
Stay away from people who found you by going to your facebook profile and emails you or send a add request to your messenger. Check if they have some kind of web appearance. Check if they have any feedback...

2 comments    poker chips poker chips
www.wowgoldusd.com is the cheapest in the world!
by best-poker-chipspublished 5 months ago
You all know the story by now.  The official site costs a bomb.  The official site's affiliate sellers and partner sites cost an equivalent bomb.  You're only too aware of the unofficial sites, but can't...

2 comments  Cheapest Chips for Facebook 62welcome to facebook poker chips - the 24 hours webshop for Facebook poker chips
by Cheap poker chipspublished 5 months ago
Are you fan of Chips for Facebook ? Do you love to play poker? if yes then here you are at the best place to bag facebook poker chips.Playing Poker was really apreciated in past time, and even now playing...

2 comments    poker poker chips facebook poker 58 Chips for Facebook– Where to buy, and where to find the deals
by best-poker-chipspublished 5 months ago
An Outline The Texas Hold 'Em application for Facebook and other social networking sites has become immensely popular over recent years.  Running low on chips is what happens to the most of us...

0 comments    Chips for Facebook 44 Facebook Poker Chips - Buying Cheapest Chips for Facebook at low prices.
by MrPokerFanpublished 10 months ago
Click here to obtain more facebook poker chips for texas holdem poker. We conducted extensive research on the best prices for texas holdem holdem Chips for Facebook (points)For those of you that are considering...

0 comments   48Buy Cheap Facebook,Tagged,Bebo, hi5, yahoo, iphone or Myspace poker chips
by mychipsellerpublished 8 months ago
Fun and entertainment For a long time,since i been playing poker on Face-book and MySpace ,i was searching for a secure site where i can purchase chips, that knows to satisfy the client needs. I've tried...
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