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WOW Money - Actual Time of Arrival
A report from our Data Analysis department shows the detail of the ATA (Actual Time of Arrival)
for our product and services for WOW gold in the past 2 months.
We could find that 47.54 percent of the orders were completed within 30 minutes, plus the part
between 30 minutes and 1 hour, 72.14% orders finished within 1 hour. According to the data we
collected from other sellers, in whom the best was 61.88%; we have made a pretty good.
performance on the delivery of WOW gold.
For the 27.86% orders, we could not contact the customers timely for some reason like offline
gamer, wrong telephone number and wrong game ID. We apologize for any inconvenience we
brought, but we hope you can keep online for more than 1 hour after you place your order, and
put right and direct contact information that we could find you. Thus your order would be
completed more smoothly, aiding us perform better in the delivery.
Thanks to all who support us in the past. And we won’t let you down in the future.
Enjoy your game life.
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